About the Hearing Aid Doctor

We are nearing the completion of 23 years of service, personalized to each client’s needs and our mission and main focus has remained the same – making sure you have the best solution for your hearing difficulties.

Mark Rother, BC-HIS (Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist) founded The Hearing Aid Doctor, Inc., in 1994. Prior to 1994, Mark spent 10 years working for three top hearing aid manufacturers where he personally repaired over 100,000 hearing aids.

Jodi Rother, HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist) joined The Hearing Aid Doctor, Inc., in 2000 after being certified and licensed by the MN Department of Health – Hearing Healthcare Division.

Together, Mark and Jodi, hearing instrument specialists at the Hearing Aid Doctor, have helped thousands of hearing aid patients hear the speech of loved ones more clearly. Click here to contact us.